About the company

Well-seated skills för more than 60 years


Be-Ge Industri AB comprises of two activity fields; development, production and marketing of driver seats for commercial vehicles and office chairs for the higher classes of comfort. Be-Ge Industri AB has manufactured seats for commercial vehicles since 1949 and office chairs since 1975. Our first driver seats were used in trucks from Scania.

Today, we are the world’s oldest manufacturer of suspended driver seats, with our wide product range we are today supplier of seats for, among others, trucks, buses, large and small industrial forklifts, construction- and railway vehicles.

Our seat designs are based on the knowledge that different applications require different seats. The vibrations produced by construction vehicles or the small dimensions in forklifts require completely different seat designs than those in trucks and buses, where the most important is to be able to make personal adjustments. Our office chairs are shaped to fit into quiet office environments as well as into high demanding guard- and process environments.

To meet every need, we develop our products in close collaboration, both with users and vehicle manufacturers and with ergonomic and medical experts as well as specialist researchers.

We think that you will find our solutions very comfortable.

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