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Back in 1949 we  started to manufacture indivudual adjustable suspended driver seats. We are therefore the worlds oldest manufacturer in this buisness area. All since the beginning we have supplied directly to our customers production lines in the vehicle industry, we still supply some of these customers today, and our high quality products have been appreciated ever since.  

Today you can find our solutions vehicles produced by some of the leading manufactures all over the world. We combine the smaller companies flexibility with the bigger companies strength, comptetence and quality due to a close skills exchange and cooperation with the other companies in the Be-Ge Industrial Group.  

With module based product assortment, wide and solid knowledge, and a complete in-house process to develop customer adapted solutions we are a supplier who can take on most challenges.


Be-Ge Industri AB has extensive experience in design, optimization and product development. The seats are built to meet load requirements with optimal seating comfort for most driver environments.
The seats are assembled at our facility in Oskarshamn. Here all components are installed, specifications are checked, and stringent quality standards are fulfilled. To retain top quality and durability, only reliable components from leading suppliers are installed.
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Be-Ge Industri AB’s long term development focus has led to a unique plant with good test and inspection prospects. This, combined with extensive experience, ensures correct product information and contributes to a documented history of high quality.
Be-Ge’s seats are made to require minimal maintenance and still deliver maximum performance over a long period. This means seats only need to be looked over during the vehicle’s regular servicing.
Be-Ge offers a wide range of accessories and works closely with leading suppliers of accessories and peripheral equipment for individual seat customization.
Be-Ge Industri has been quality certified to ISO 9001 since 1996 and environmentally certified to ISO 14001 since 2001.


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